Respect our values!


During the high season, the CHM welcomes up to 14 000 people per day ! This figure might seem impressing, but the centre is so big that you won’t even notice it. Furthermore, having our values respected, in particular nudity, is not always easy, you will understand that.

Therefore, we have set a number of measures in order to encourage holidaymakers and owners to live a naturism abiding by the rules of the International Naturism Federation.

Respect of nudity:

• Do not be surprised if you are asked right upon arrival to sign the Commitment to a naturist attitude, a set of values to respect by yourself and your relatives.
• Several times a week, we ask parents to take their children undressed to the Mini-Club. Nothing more normal, to introduce them to this art of living!
• Some of the shows, tournaments and sporting events will be accessible only for naturists.
• An important number of animators, post-office staff go about their work undressed.
• Signboards with the slogan ”Let’s live natural, let’s live nude” are there to remind us that we are in a Naturist Centre.

An activist campaign:

While you walk in the park along the lanes, you will see many chalets and mobile-homes with a signboard. This board means that the owner and the people living with him, or the tenants, are committed to respecting the naturist values.

If this commitment is not respected, the CHM might forbid the renting out of his/her accommodation.

Teenagers and nudity:

If children can easily cope with nudity, it is quite different with teenagers. Their bodies go through important changes and they live their first libidinal drives, so that might undermine their confidence and behaviour. To undress may turn out to be an ordeal.
At the CHM we know quite well our teenagers and we are aware of their difficulties. We do not want to push them and eventually put them off naturism for good. That is why we do not forbid systematically the wearing of shorts unless it is at the beach or at the swimming pool where nudity is obligatory.

Likewise, we do not take this as hopeless, let’s be optimistic, things will change. The CHM offers many and various activities, most of which take place at the beach so that they get used to being nude together.

Respect of the environment:

Being a naturist is also being aware of the environment and the world around us and we therefore need to act accordingly.

EDF Equilibrium contract: Tohapi group, to which the CHM belongs, signs each year an Equilibrium electricity contract and agrees to pay EDF (national electricity company) a fee, and in return the latter has to produce 10 million kWh of renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric…). That is the yearly power consumption of the Village Center head office and 80% of the holiday villages (campsites and accommodations) all over France.

Revegetation campaign of the Centre: Each year, the CHM sets important tree planting campaigns all over the Centre. No less than 800 trees are planted.

It is up to everyone to preserve these values if we wish to keep the CHM that little piece of naturist Heaven that we love so much.