Naturism : There is always a first time …


There is no particular age to discover naturism. Some have grown up with it, others much later, but willingly and consciously.

We all have experienced the pleasure of being nude, on a beach, around a swimming pool or simply after a shower when we indulge ourselves a short moment just walking about the house nude. We all have known that sweet feeling of a free body, without any constraints. Why not, then, prolong that well-being state by actually living it and sharing it with others seeking the same sensations?

The advantage of starting out in large holiday centre is that you blend in the crowd and you will become part of this new family.

At the verybeginning …

The beginning is not always easy, because you have to overcome your fears and get beyond prejudices, preconceived ideas and established educational principles. Generally, a whole set of questions come rushing into your head:
- How am I going to react when I see other nude bodies around me ?
- What would others think of me ?
- How would others look at me ?
- Do I have to be always nude, when I am shopping or in a restaurant ?

Rest your mind; you will be quickly put at ease by the people’s kindness. Upon arrival, do, please, advise that it is your first time and that you wish to have somebody helping out in your first steps. The naturists of the three resident clubs are excellent hosts and will gladly welcome you.

Very soon, you will feel much better and find out actually the naturist eye is never prying. You will change that “image” body into that of “sensations and emotions”.

You will also find out that some naturists are nude only when the weather allows it… well, it all depends, some are more sensitive to the cold than others. Some contact sports are understandably practised with clothes on. However, you will very soon discover that this discomfort will naturally disappear for good.

Indicative figures:

Some statistics made in 2010 illustrate the enthusiasm for this art of living:
• each year 500 000 French people practise naturism in France
16% of the French would be ready to try a naturism experience
56% of the French believe that naturism conveys tolerance
71% of the French are not shocked by naturism
1.5 million tourists practise naturism in France each year

They say…

Lucas R.(37 years old): "I was 9 years old that summer in 1984, on holidays with my parents and my two little brothers at the CHM. First time for everybody in the practice of naturism. My parents had right away set the example. As for the kids it was a little bit more delicate. Once the silly laughs had passed, a little embarrassed in the beginning, we got used to walking about the whole morning undressed. Then during a siesta time, under a very hot sun, a little neighbour girl came up to me and asked whether I would like to go for a walk in the camping park. It was terribly hot, everyone was nude, then I said to myself ”Oh, well shoot!”, then I took everything off, and two minutes later I completely forgot my silly clothes! It was a pleasurable holiday at the CHM and the beginning of a nice summer friendship”

Sophie D. (35 years old): “Very natural at home in my garden… a new life, a new love first time on the fathers’ day of 2010… PLEASURE not to pay attention to clothes everyone is wearing… pleasure of being free… the CHM a village for a dream holiday… nice people, lovely shopkeepers, everything you need is on site… a bicycle for a ride through the paths… our next investment: a chalet for our happiness… can’t wait to retire to live in it…”

Bruno R. (68 years): “Had a chance to spend a week at the CHM in 2007… not yet a naturist… apprehension an hour before “going out nude”… THE discovery! Great! Ever since: owner of a bungalow… addicted to naturism… I spend there 7 months a year !”

Laetitia D. (32 years old): “First time in 2012 with my husband and kids. At first, we thought everyone was staring at us, but an hour later it was a real pleasure, an incredible feeling of well-being. We loved it, at home we go naturist, anytime we get a chance. Looking forward to next summer !”

Get ready then to live a unique experience, to awaken a feature of your personality.
Well, then… do not hesitate any longer and join us. You will see that once you have tried it, you will find it hard to go back to the old lifestyle.