A federation for the defence of naturism


The French Naturism Federation was created in 1950 by Albert Lecocq and his friend founders of the CHM who thought it was relevant to organise the naturist movement around a recognised federation. The French Naturism Federation is a non-profit association with 160 members representing approved affiliated associations and naturist organisations with commercial purposes. It consists today of 360 naturist areas (associations, campsites, guest rooms, holiday cottages) spread all over the country, not to forget the 50 officially authorised naturist beaches. All these organisations can be found on the FFN website:

The role of the FFN is:

• To promote naturism in France and to introduce it to the largest possible number of people through different ways and means of communication.
• To defend the practice of naturism before the authorities and see that legislation does not evolve against it. The FFN can, for instance, step in whenever a mayor decides to forbid nudity on a beach so far open for naturists.
• To support naturist associations logistically, administratively and financially.

Naturist clubs and associations:

Being a naturist does not end up with just summer nudity. Naturism is a year around lifestyle; it advocates and is actively involved in the respect and protection of the environment. Sharing these values with naturists is even more rewarding by being a member of an association. You will find the closest by checking the FFN website.

The CHM hosts eleven naturist clubs and associations
 CSBCA (Club du Soleil de Bordeaux Côte d'Argent) : contact Jean-Claude ANTOINE
• NACA (Naturistes Amis de la Côte Aquitaine) : contact Jacques AVIGNON jacques.avignon(@)
• CLN (Club Loisirs et Naturisme) : contact Madeleine DESNE
 GENat (Groupe Ethique Naturiste) : contact Jocelyne BREANT -
 RSN (Respect Santé et Nature) : contact Hannes LINCK -
ANM (Les Amis Naturistes de Montalivet) : contact Christian SIMON -
ADUN : contact Philippe BARRET -
APDC : contact Christiane BOUTET -
FEL’IN : contact Jany TORRES -

Why get a license ?

• To mark your membership to the naturist movement.
• To commit to practising naturism complying with the French Naturism Federation principles.
• To financially support the French Naturism Federation in its mission to express its idea of naturism.

Naturism needs a strong federation, let’s support it !