Naturism, an art of living


Naturism consists in being nude in a social environment, and feeling at ease and comfortable with the natural elements, like water, air, light and sun: skin and mind care.

Living in harmony with nature :

Far from all clichés and prejudices and putting back the body to its right and natural state, it simply is pleasurable to live in harmony with nature. Live nude! The naturist nudity is the original nudity; it is collective, healthy and natural. Daring stepping into naturism is more freeing one’s mind than body. It is venturing beyond what might seem impossible to find one’s true personality.

Amid nature, sensing the environmental elements directly on one’s whole body provides a feeling of well-being and brings back sensations long forgotten because of life stress and demands. Nudity in open air is soothing, exhilarating and is healthful both mentally and physically. It is a natural anti-stress and a matchless remedy against urban stress.

Being nude is being free :

Naturally bare, as the skin breathes, the whole body comes to life again. The body is free. Naturism is a source of good health and happiness. Naturism is both mentally and physically hygienic and moreover awakens in the mind knowledge and social togetherness. As a result, naturism gets more and more members among the disabled. By a mirror effect, accepting oneself just the way one is, is in itself an invitation for a just recognition of oneself and the other. There are no prying eyes and exchanging looks is no longer embarrassing. Naturism enables to accept one’s body and enhances one’s self-esteem.

Nudity helps erasing social origins:

The practice of nudity in common makes it easier for people to communicate on equal grounds and helps erasing social origins. Albert Lecoq, founder of the CHM, had very well understood that. Naturism teaches you to have a balanced and a happy life; and enables you to be accepted for what you are rather than for what you seem to be.

The naturist movement consists mainly of families with children, but more than not, you can come across people of all ages: children, parents and grandparents. Kids that are raised in such environment grow up to be very much at ease with their body. One just needs to spend some time in a naturist area to see how much they are comfortable with nudity and how they, fully, enjoy life and nature. Naturism is also about giving them a chance to accept who they are, to teach them to respect others and last but not least, to get to know the importance of taking care of the environment.

Naturism has always claimed its attachment and respect to the environment (way before becoming a major issue). Naturism is, by the way, the only movement to bring man and nature very close together. It is also an educative project.