Naturist Charter


Naturist Charter

Choosing CHM Montalivet for your holiday means taking up the fundamental values of naturism, nudity, respect for oneself, for others and for the environment. To experience naturism with perfect peace of mind, our individual choices must never infrige on the space and the physical and visual freedom of others. A few basic rules to follow:

Respect for nudity

.  Total nudity is mandatory. It is required at the beach, at the pool, at the water park and in the showers.
.  If clothes are required due to the weather or for hygienic or safety reasons, choose simple clothing, such as a t-shirt, pareo, etc.
. Swimming trunks, bikinis, pants and bermuda shorts are strictly forbidden.
. Erotic accessories (intimate body piercing, lingerie, etc.) are also strictly forbidden in public.
. Any form of exhibitionism or any behaviour of a sexual nature is strictly forbidden and will lead to immediate exclusion from the site.


. The speed limit for vehicles is 10 km/h with priority always given to pedestrians and cyclists.
.  The forest environment is at extreme risk from fire: charcoal barbecues are strictly forbidden.

Community life

  • . Limit photography (photos and films) strictly to private and family use.
    . Preserve links with nature and respect it through the use of bins, waste sorting and water-saving measures.
    . Respect the dune area and plant life (picking flowers and plants forbidden).
    . Take care of the CHM equipment and facilities.
    . Avoid noisy activities early in the morning and late at night.

  • Because we are all concerned, let’s work together to maintain naturism at the CHM Montalivet over the long term and to preserve the strong values linked to it. The CHM Montalivet has always been a symbol of naturism, and we can all help it to remain so.